Closing on a new home can be a time-consuming and costly experience.

JetClosing is changing the game.

Our mission is to make closing on life’s biggest transactions an easy, fast, friendly, and transparent digital experience for everyone, every time.

When the focus is on the buyer and seller experience, we all win. JetClosing has assembled a team of industry insiders and outsiders under a common mission, leveraging systems, processes, and technology to create a better, more human real estate title and settlement experience.

Closing on a home should be a celebration, so we are committed to creating a less stressful, more transparent process for consumers, while allowing real estate professionals to focus on what’s most important; being heroes to their happy clients.

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There is a difference.

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Our JetScore™ is an automated scoring of the title. It’s easy to understand too, like an individual’s credit score. The JetScore™ valuation is our estimate of the curative effort required to provide a clear title, computed using a proprietary formula. You’ll always know where your orders stand, and when your title is clear.

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The JetCloud provides industry-leading speed, security and reliability. It is our proprietary technology platform that powers all JetClosing services, making it possible for you to access information and receive updates in real time, instantly, from any device.

Because we built the JetCloud from the ground up, financial service compliance and security are innate, not an afterthought.

First in Class Service

First in Class Service

We are here to provide you the pinnacle of service you’d expect from a company handling one of your life’s biggest transactions. Offering access from your mobile device or the web, we’re available wherever you need usquickly, securely and reliably.

Charity Partnerships

JetClosing’s mission is to change the title process so that it becomes simple, transparent and mobile. We want to make the home buying experience as easy as possible for everyone. As we endeavor to create change in our industry we also want to create change in our world. Sadly, not everyone has access to housing. We want to make a difference by helping those who are less fortunate. JetClosing has partnered with 1Mission to give people in poverty the opportunity to own a home. Join us in our mission to help the world become a better place for all.