Digital Evolution

Fast, Secure & Mobile-First

Using state-of-the-art technology to capture and systematize every aspect of the real estate closing we make the process actionable, accountable, and transparent.

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Save Time

Lots of it! We reduce the man-hours spent resending, fixing, refaxing, correcting, answering questions, or addressing problems that occur because of inaccurate data entry and document preparation.


JetClosing’s system architecture was designed to incorporate the latest industry best practices, SOC 2 standards, as well as the CFPB’s most recent guidance for third-party service providers.


Avoid Vendor Management Landmines:

It’s one thing to layer on security measures, but it’s another to develop them as part of the system design. We chose the latter, and in doing so increased the speed of our closing process, while ensuring data and money is always safe.

At JetClosing we pledge to continually:
  • Innovate new business practices and tools to enhance the settlement experience.
  • Provide ongoing employee training for quality service and regulatory compliance, and
  • Implement written procedures in conformance with best industry best practices and governmental regulations.
JetClosing’s Policies and Procedures:
  • Licensing
  • Real Estate Settlement Policies and Procedures
  • Escrow Trust Accounting
  • Title Production Policies and Procedures
  • Privacy and Information Security
  • Liability Insurance and Fidelity Coverage
  • Consumer Compliant Tracking and Resolution

Unified Process

Our company-wide uniform process flow enables client integrations.

Mobile First

Our mobile-first approach is designed to align with how the busy professional works today.

Future Proof

We are committed to being platform agnostic, understanding we need to conform to your workflow and systems.

"The first thing that falls off when my provider is busy is the status notifications."

-Dan W.

"I love the notifications! Similar to the instant gratification of Facebook."

-Debra G.

"My clients will see I am on top of things and can make stuff happen right now."

-James P.

"Every call I make to a provider, is time I don't have to prospect. This would help that."

-Mark F.

"The industry as a whole is terrible at communication. This is a step forward.“

-Dan W.

"I can potentially get them to sign a listing agreement earlier.“

-Susan F.

"This eliminates a lot of hand holding."

-Dan W.

“We want the transaction to close with no surprises. You’ve addressed that!”

-Monica C.

We’re really in the peace of mind business.

Closing on your home should be a celebration, so we are committed to creating a less stressful, more transparent process for buyers and sellers. We’re here because of you.