Our Mission

To change the title process to make it simple, transparent, and mobile.


Our Vision

To transform real estate closing through inventive use of technology.

JetClosing Values

Earned Trust

Customers trust us to close one of the biggest transactions of their lives. We earn that trust by obsessing over details so they don’t have to, by responding with urgency, and by going the extra mile. We protect their private information scrupulously and communicate information immediately and transparently. We find solutions and always close.

Question, Learn and Improve

We are never done learning and always seek to improve. Our business is complicated, and no two transactions are identical. It is critical that we always ask questions to expand our knowledge and work toward improvement. We strive to show up tomorrow better than today.

Own Your Role

We are empowered to be the subject matter experts of our individual roles. We volunteer our knowledge and ideas and don’t sit on the sidelines when we have an opinion. We question outdated industry norms and relentlessly pursue solutions that ensure our customers have an outstanding closing experience. We make our unique perspective heard, but also support the decisions that result.

Invent and Simplify

We constantly look for opportunities to simplify and improve the closing process for our customers. Inventions can come from anyone. We’re comfortable taking calculated risks to apply new ideas, to “fail fast” and to learn quickly from experiments that don’t work.

Grow Together, Fly Together

Everyone at JetClosing is a vital and respected member of our community. We support each other, accommodate our different needs, and work together to build a great company. We elevate those around us, achieving more through inspiration and collaboration. We empathize with each other and our customers to make JetClosing better.

Meet Our Executive Team

JetClosing has assembled a team of industry insiders and outsiders under a common mission: leveraging systems, processes, and technology to create a better, more human real estate title and settlement experience.

Anna Collins


Bri Lovett

VP of Product

David Wolf


Nate Eisele

Finance & Growth

Kellie Mays

VP of People

Alan Chang

VP of Title Operations

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