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Breaking Up Isn’t So Hard To Do

Breaking Up Isn’t So Hard To Do

Traditionally, switching escrow relationships can be painful.

To be honest, the relationship isn’t with the title company, it’s with the individual closer, who through their heroic efforts has managed to get your files closed on time, more often than not. They know your workflow and communication preferences (Unfortunately, no one else in the title company does). They probably know how you take your coffee and perhaps even your favorite adult beverage or your kids’ names. Tragically, this poor soul is juggling 27 priorities at once, making sure no balls hit the ground and doing all they can to just get through the day.

“Do I work up these loan docs?”

“Send this wire before the cutoff time?”

“Work up the settlement statement so I can stop this string of increasingly hostile emails?”

“It’s 2 pm and I haven’t even had lunch yet!”

This is no way to close a transaction.

The executive leadership team at JetClosing consists of former escrow closers and title officers. We recognized the flaws in how closings are usually completed today (single points of failure, reactive vs. proactive communication, poor data quality). We understand the problems and created a better organizational structure to address them. Our clients enjoy the benefits of decades of title and escrow expertise, but in a system that allows for a consistent, replicable process for success.

Our closing coordinators are escrow officers. At JetClosing, they are never overburdened by tasks which can get in the way of their ability to communicate with our customers. One of the many perks to our proprietary process is that it allows the closing coordinator the space to spend their time guiding buyers and sellers through the journey of closing – fielding questions, talking through worries, calming stresses, and generally holding the dreaded closing chaos at bay. While your title and escrow officers are always available by phone or email, we’ve found that eliminating the need for the “Where do we stand?” call, email, or text – achieved through our meticulously-designed, proactive communication processes – reduces a lot of unnecessary chatter.

In the end, this helps to create a clean-cut, drama-free closing experience.

Our onboarding process includes creating a “partner card” that details your specific communication and workflow preferences. This ensures that they are addressed systematically, ensuring your first closing, and every single one thereafter, is consistent, replicable, and always exceeding your expectations.

JetClosing addresses common closing pain points
Your closer is out on an emergency or on vacation. With a consistent workflow across the organization, any JetClosing employee can answer your questions and move your transaction forward.

Your closer moves to a different title company. We value our associates like family, but when they leave, your closing shouldn’t be disrupted. Your workflow and communication preferences live on in our system, and our service excellence remains intact.

Your closer becomes overburdened. Our operational environment is built for scale. Adding staff doesn’t require the communication of tribal knowledge, which is flawed, and so common in our industry.

When you move your business to a different escrow company. We conform to your preferences. Do certain documents and emails go to your buyer specialist, listing specialist, or transaction coordinator? Want to be included only on select correspondence? Is your commission disbursement always sent via wire? Want us to reach out to the buyer directly for earnest money? Through our onboarding process, we create your perfect fit.

Our goal is to win customers for life. Our system and process guarantee a great experience.

Maybe it’s time to try JetClosing.

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