Jet Advantage

We are the leading tech-forward home closing service for resales and refinances.

Transform your team with flexible, digital home closings.

Your closing, your way

Discover how JetClosing’s power and flexibility can help you transact faster, provide better service to your clients, and set you apart from the competition.

Personalized Workflow

  • Our customized workflows allow you to personalize your preferences so your orders are organized exactly the way you want, every time. With JetClosing, you decide:
  • How you want to receive disbursements
  • How you want to receive notifications and updates

Instant Access to Documents and Contacts

JetClosing provides you with instant access to your closing documents and all parties’ contact information, making it easy to collaborate and stay organized. Plus, we keep all transaction details stored securely so you can refer back to old files and contacts if the need arises.

24/7 Access from Anywhere

  • We give you anytime access to your closing transaction wherever and whenever is convenient for you. JetClosing lets you:
  • Check the status of your closing orders from any device so you always know what steps are left in order complete your transaction
  • Check your JetScore™, which is a letter grade of the level of effort required to clear title on the home and is updated as steps are completed
  • See a big-picture view of all your in-progress closing orders so you always have the insight and answers you need to help clients complete their closing

Close Confidently, Close Securely

You can depend on us to protect your information and your investment.

Safeguarding your Data

Data encryption is built into every layer of our system and we process files in one centralized, secure cloud environment. his keeps the bad guys out but gives you access to everything you need in one place.

Backups and Redundancies

Our cloud data storage, backups and redundancies span multiple secure archives for a completely fail-safe closing experience.

Multifactor Identification

We require multi-factor authentication on all employee devices and accounts for added layers of security. Our experienced, in-house technology and cybersecurity experts act as an extra line of defense against phishing.

Protection against Fraud

We eliminate potential fraud liability with our ALTA Best Practice certification and work with multiple underwriters to mitigate risk and work toward the insurability of each unique property.

Secure Partners

We only work with top-tier trusted software providers to protect and monitor our systems, so that you can deliver services to your clients confidently on a platform you can trust.