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Think of your JetScore™ as a FICO credit score, but specifically for your property’s title.

Your JetScore™ valuation is our estimate of how much effort will be required to provide clear title. This is computed using JetClosing’s proprietary formula and can be improved as you resolve issues during your closing process. We look at public and user-submitted data to help determine your score. This data is also measured by the type, nature, and severity of their respective title curative issues and is reflected in your JetScore™.

No monetary encumbrances secured to the property, or all curative documentation has been received. No curative action required. Clear to close.

Property subject only to permanent exceptions and voluntary liens. Limited curative action required.

Property subject to permanent exceptions and non-voluntary liens. Moderate curative action required.

Property subject to access issues, boundary line dispute, court proceedings, or foreclosure action. Significant curative action required.

This JetScore™ is provided as a courtesy overview of the condition of title, and should not be considered a substitute for reviewing the title commitment.

If there are discrepancies or conflicts between this JetScore™ and the commitment, matters contained in the commitment shall prevail. The JetScore™ shall remain a “C” score, or lower if Authority Documents or Title Affidavits/Indemnities are outstanding.


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