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My Mission: Your Success

My Mission: Your Success

Carolyn Doyle, Customer Success Specialist

There are times in your life when you realize that you’ve come full circle. I’m experiencing one of those times right now.

It’s a running joke in my family that I will literally talk to anyone I meet – especially if I’m in an elevator or boarding a plane. I have always loved interacting with people. Everyone seems to have an interesting story to tell, so it’s no surprise that I’ve found myself in customer-related roles throughout my career.

My first jobs were in tech support for software companies and I found myself behind a desk listening to customers complain over the phone, which didn’t take long to get old. I needed a change in scenery.

This was back in the days when LANs were the thing, and the internet was not, at least not for everyone just yet.

I took a bit of a leap in deciding that becoming a real estate broker would provide me with the variety and change I needed and launched my career as an agent.

Coming from tech, I had assumed that technology had already caught up with the real estate industry. Imagine my shock when I saw what agents were using to find properties… a 4-inch thick book that one might mistake for a boat anchor.  Bad assumption!

It’s catching up, isn’t it? Instead of lagging behind other industries, PropTech (acronym to describe any technology for the real estate space) is exploding.

Am I happy about that? You bet I am! Leveraging technology allows more time to be spent doing the part of real estate that matters most – working directly with customers.

That brings me back to my full circle comment. After I left tech support, I realized I wasn’t tired of customers. The human-to-human interaction was what I loved!

The standard Customer Service model is being transformed into Customer Success. My blog series for 2019 will be entirely focused on this topic and what it means to you, our customers.

As the Customer Success Specialist at JetClosing, my focus is on creating a customer-centric community. We take the routine customer service approach, pivot it, then propel it into an industry leading Customer Success environment. This environment not only embraces technology but craves it. And I want you to be a part of it!

So, what’s next?

  • Customer Journey Mapping… you’ll love these
  • If You Could Change One Thing: Action Plans from Journey Maps
  • Action Plan + Technology = A New Road to Success

I’m Carolyn Doyle, and I look forward to taking this journey with you!

Get in touch!

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