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Title & Escrow Built For Today, But Ready For Tomorrow

Title & Escrow Built For Today, But Ready For Tomorrow

We started with the knowledge and insight of a veteran title and escrow team, paired them with tech industry leaders, and gave them a clean slate – to build what title and escrow should be.

What does that mean? What problems are we fixing? As a title and settlement provider, what SHOULD we be?

Let’s start with our core responsibility. We serve as a neutral third party, complying with written instructions, ensuring that no funds or property are transferred until every term and condition of closing have been met. We also protect the property rights of the buyer and the lender.

I could say something trite like we’re in the “peace of mind business”, and that would be fundamentally accurate. There is a ton of value, often unrecognized, in the role title and settlement plays in the real estate transaction.

Where the title industry fails is in mechanics and process surrounding the delivery of this valuable service.

How is JetClosing different?

Typically, people who are buying or selling a home don’t do it very often.

The home buying or selling process can be difficult for consumers. As realtors, it is your job to make this stressful process as simple, pleasant, and positive as possible. Often the challenges for clients occur in the real estate processes that consumers don’t readily understand.

JetClosing has a solution.

We provide the client a title and escrow experience that is 100% transparent. Every step, every document, and any status changes are readily visible in real-time to the buyer, seller, and realtor(s) involved in the purchase or sale of a home. This is available through our mobile app and desktop portal.

No Single Point of Failure
I come from the title and escrow industry, and I can tell you that it can age you in dog years. Under traditional industry practices getting your transaction closed on time can be attributed to the Herculean efforts of your escrow closer, who is simultaneously juggling 27 different priorities.

Do I send out this wire, so I make the cutoff?

Do I finish this settlement statement that I promised I would deliver to the agent three hours ago?

Do I pick up my kids from daycare, or call my husband and ask him to do it?

Too many fires to put out!

We have a role-based workflow that ensures a consistent, replicable process. Every transaction. Every time. Tasks are accomplished by title and escrow specialists that ensure we make steady progress towards a drama free closing.

How do you know we’ve done our job when it’s performed behind a curtain? The data provided in our mobile app is essentially an audit record of the work performed. Think of it as an open kitchen. Even if I’m not paying attention, this provides me the comfort seeing the “food” prepared in plain sight. We consider this an opportunity to showcase how our sophisticated back-office technology streamlines and expedites the closing process.

Ease of Use
“Blockbuster wasn’t broken – you got your DVD of VHS and it was fine. Streaming was just better. We also do something better and at a much lower cost.”

– Dan Greenshields, JetClosing CEO

We are moving towards an on-demand economy. We meet those expectations. Did you know that a seller most often decides to list with the first agent they meet with? If you are a real estate agent, and you’ve received a hot Zillow lead at 9 am on Saturday morning, how nice would it be to have all the necessary information to go on a listing appointment that morning with just a few taps on your mobile device? We can do that. Want to convert it to a request for preliminary title? Just a couple more taps. No calls, no emails, just everything you need sent to your mobile phone or desktop in less than a minute.

JetClosing is here to make it easy.

Did I mention we distribute most payouts within 60 minutes of closing? A refined process and technology make this all possible.

Reasonable Fees
For escrow, we charge a flat $500 per side, regardless of the sales price. (Arizona and Washington only)

The amount of escrow work that goes into a residential home purchase transaction is generally the same regardless of the purchase price. So why do the fees go up with the purchase price?

So the title company can make more money.

At JetClosing, that made no sense to us. If the work is relatively the same for each property, the amount we charge should stay consistent.

One of the pillars of our company is to offer a streamlined, transparent process to realtors with a flat fee that is passed on to your client. When you show your buyer and sellers the cost savings associated with this flat fee they will be impressed with your service. It’s a huge differentiator in the competitive field of real estate and we’re excited to offer it to you as a way for you to grow your business.

Prepared for the Future
Many of the frustrations experienced during the closing process are the result of the siloed nature of the three institutional stakeholders: the real estate brokerage, the lender, and the escrow company.

Escrow has the transaction data, documents, and contracts. We are responsible for ensuring all the conditions of funding are satisfied. We release the final documents for recording. We disburse all funds.

If we are going to enable digital end-to-end transactions, reducing costs and closing timelines, where would that logically belong? Good question! This requires title and escrow to implement controls that enable the efficient exchange of data, and honestly, our competitors are not built to do that.

Built for today and ready for tomorrow – JetClosing.

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