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What’s Customer Gratification Got To Do With It…? Everything!

What’s Customer Gratification Got To Do With It…? Everything!

Kent Neis, EVP of Enterprise Sales

Remember Veruca Salt, the little girl in Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory? In the famous, ‘I Want It Now, Oompa Loompa’ song, Veruca persuades her father through her serenade…

I want the world
I want the whole world
I want to lock it
All up in my pocket
It’s my bar of chocolate
Give it to me now

How eerily accurate this 1971 movie song depicts the realities of today’s consumer…wanting, expecting ‘it’ – yesterday. The digital, eCommerce world has surrounded us for some time. It has gone far beyond consumer demand and the normal standards of satisfaction. With consumable and durable goods, consumers now mandate complete gratification – be it absurd delivery times measured by text or email tracking instruments – just so they can anticipate getting their hands on ‘it’ faster!

The same goes for services…our expectations, the consumer calling for administering to the ‘service’ here and now, is ‘let’s complete this’, ‘now-right now’, on my terms! Technology, device mobility, the Internet, has altered our notion, (skewed or not), of what we, as consumers perceive as complete satisfaction and resolution to an open, unresolved matter.

This digital age has invented the new-age consumer, who yearns for a continuous improvement in the customer experience, regardless of the type of customer journey. They want options, flexibility, all tied into this virtual/mobile world, we are all adapting to. This virtual world and connectivity have unleashed a human ‘independence’…a freedom of sorts, where most of us are moving – fast, to numerous locations, each day. Connectivity and mobility are an assumption, not a request.

As we think of today’s real estate consumer, with these same digital enhancements, they are much more knowledgeable and aware of the various stages, which coincide with completing their version of the American Dream. The real estate transaction experience has been one of the most mis-understood, yet, is the most important step in the customer journey.

Today’s astute Realtor will envision and identify with the new-age consumer – and their progressive calling for commerce, convenience and comfort, brought about by mobile device communication!

Why not conduct the real estate closing from any location the consumer desires? The device is simply the conduit, to allow the consumer to literally close-on-the-go, from anywhere…the Realtor and consumer can decide on the logistics together!

Our Virtual Online Notary is an industry game-changer…where the seller may sign right on their device! The JetClosing team has been closing locally and overseas in Starbucks, bars and restaurants, hotel lobbies, everywhere the consumer wishes to be. How ‘bout it…electronic signatures and same day escrow disbursements, all with a touch on the device!

JetClosing set a keen eye on the new-age consumer, crafted a strategy with industry veterans in land settlement and technology, mapped out a mobile-first technology capability, which would bring incredible time consuming efficiencies to the Realtor, save money for the consumers – while vastly improving the customer closing experience.

Talk about a ‘raving fan’ experience for the consumer. Even Veruca Salt would be gratified! 😊

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